Just Land Sales

Someone Who Understands Land Sales in Michigan's Thumb Area

Just Land Sales
Tom Kinzer - Sellers Agent

Equal Housing Opportunity


A Real Estate Broker Who Understands Land Sales, 
in Michigan's Thumb Area.

Over 45 Years As A Successful Michigan Hunter,
Lives & Hunts Locally In Michigan's Thumb Area. 

Just Land Sales 
Tom Kinzer - Sellers Agent

Equal Housing Opportunity

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All-In-One Program

Welcome To Our New, ALL-IN-ONE PROGRAM.

Crooked Bend provides unique food plot seed that are optimized for whitetail deer and other wildlife. 
Special mixes for both spring and fall planting to give your wildlife year round nutritious foliage.
Featuring "Branson's Buffalo Blend" a mix of purple top turnip, daikon radish, winter wheat, cereal rye and crimson clover.
Everything you need to know about farming your own food plots plus additional outdoor knowledge, tips and tricks.
Serving the state of Michigan.


Wildlife Haven Taxidermy is located in downtown Capac.
They will handle all your taxidermy needs, as if it were their own.

Just Land Sales All-In-One Program

This area will soon be filling up with Business Trades who can help you to improve your Hunting Land.

Together, we hope to help you increase your chances of seeing better Hunting Days ahead.

Our Goal, Is To Help Our Hunters Prepare For Some Great Hunting, On Their New Property.
To Do This, We Need People Who Specialize In Trades That Are Useful To Our Hunters. 

If You Do Any Of These or Other Helpful Trades For Hunters, we would love to include you in our All-In-One Program.
Clear Fields For Good Wildlife Attraction
Cut Good Hunting Trails
Select Timber Cutting
Plant or Plan Out Food Plots
Train Hunters, On How To Improve Their Property For Better Future Hunting

We Are Only Looking For Those Who Cover Michigan's Thumb Area. 

Tom Kinzer (Broker/Owner)

Just Land Sales
Tom Kinzer - Sellers Agent.

Tuscola County 17 Acres

This is one great property for Hunters.
Over 17 Wooded Acres, known for great hunting.
Thick grassy areas for deer, rabbits & Pheasants to hide in.
Beautiful spot for a new home, surrounded by Mature Pines.
1324 x 401 x 760 x 792.
Located on A Paved Rd.
99% Wooded

Call Listing Broker before walking this property.

No Lease. No Land Contract.

An Area On The West Edge That's Not Wooded,
Is A Farmer’s Easement To Farm The Back

Located West Of Deford.
Deckerville Rd. Cass City, MI. 48726
Ellington Township. Tusocla County

Just Land Sales
Tom Kinzer - Sellers Agent.

Call Someone, who understands Land Sales in Michigan’s Thumb Area.


St Clair County 103 Acres


Hunters, this is one great hunt camp, on 103 acres.
It comes with a finished 24x35 building.
(Wired for a Generator)
This property holds all sorts of wildlife.
It even has a great little 2 acre pond for fishing.

Good location, at the end of a dead-end Rd.
50% wooded, 50% farmland, fenced-in
971 x 2881 x 2626 L-Shaped.

Call Listing Broker To Walk This Property.

No Land Contract or Lease.

Donald Rd. Capac, MI. 48014
Capac Rd. ½ Mile North Of I-69, West On Donald To Dead End (3 Miles)
Mussey Township. St. Clair County

Just Land Sales
Tom Kinzer - Sellers Agent.

Call Someone, who understands Land Sales,
in Michigan’s Thumb Area.



Equal Housing Opportunity

St. Clair County 6.7 Acres

Small Recreation Spot.
Only 1 Mile North of Macomb County
90% wooded, holds lots of Deer.
Surrounded by farmed fields, creating a nice little wildlife spot.
This property is a great buy, priced at only $27,000.
That's less than 1/2 the S.E.V. for this 6.7 Acres
Seller is Offering Land Contract, call for terms.
(15 Minutes from Romeo)
6.7 Acres. 148’ of frontage, irregular shape.
Call Listing Broker before walking this property.
Walk with caution, exposed metal & glass on parcel.
Capac Rd. to Hough Rd, West ½ Mile, on the South side of the rd.
Hough Rd. Allenton, MI. 48002
Berlin Township. St. Clair County.

Just Land Sales
Tom Kinzer. Seller’s Agent
(Broker/Owner) 586.419.6716

Call Someone Who Understands
Land Sales in Michigan’s Thumb


Equal Housing Opportunity

Tuscola County 27 Acres

Very isolated 27 Acres.
10 Acres Could be farmed. 

Remaining 17 Acres is great Deer & Turkey cover. 

Crops across the Rd. & behind this property.
Gated Drive to usable 2 Bedroom Bunk House, with New Amish siding, roof, & windows. 

Wired for Electric, running from Generator now.
Nice Pond in back third, great for wildlife.
40’ Portable Storage Unit & 2 Deer Blinds to stay.

 60% Wooded. 887x1325x887x1325
Take Kingston Rd. South of M-46, 2 ½ miles to Cartwright East 1 ¼ mile.
Cartwright Rd. Kingston, MI. 48741
Koylton Township, Tuscola County.
 No Lease/No Land Contract

Just Land Sales
Someone who understands Land Sales
 in Michigan’s Thumb Area.

 Tom Kinzer (Broker/Owner)

St. Clair County 10 Acres

Pretty Little Parcel on 10 acres. 
Enjoy great hunting out in Northern St Clair County.
The brushy areas out back are great cover for Deer.

You can even build yourself a nice country home out here. Such a lovely piece with a nice high & dry spot with several nice pines up near the front.
329 x 1324

No Lease, No Land Contract
Call Listing Broker to Walk This Property & For Aerial.

Speaker Rd. Lynn Township
Northern St. Clair County, 7 Miles North of Capac.
1¼ Mile East of Capac Rd. and 1 Mile South of Yale Rd.

Just Land Sales
Tom Kinzer - Sellers Agent.

Call Someone, who understands Land Sales,
in Michigan’s Thumb Area.


 Equal Housing Opportunity

Sanilac County 60 Acres

Hunters, this is one great piece of Hunting land on 60 acres. 
There are deer signs everywhere .
50% Wooded, remaining areas are grassy & brushy.
Partially Finished Garage 20 x 30.
Asking $215,000.
Beautiful spot to build on, with some mature pines,
Driveway & culvert are both in.
There is No well or electric.
2011 x 1317 x 2005 x 1316.
No Lease. No Land Contract.
Call Listing Broker to walk this property.
4245 Banner Rd. Deckerville, MI. 48427.
Sanilac County, Wheatland Twp.
5 miles West of Deckerville & 9 miles North of Sandusky.

Just Land Sales
Tom Kinzer - Sellers Agent.

Call Someone, who understands Land Sales,
in Michigan’s Thumb Area.


Equal Housing Opportunity.

SOLD Properties

SOLD May.31.2019   $19,500   5 Acres   Farmed   335 x 678   Imlay City Rd. Imlay City, St Clair County

SOLD Mar. 28. 2019  $270,000  100 Acres   10 % Wooded 80% Farmed.   945 x 2682 x 1935    Imlay City Rd.  Capac,    Mussey Twp.    St. Clair County

SOLD Feb. 6. 2019     $185,000  32 Acres  40% Wooded. Gravel Pit. 219 x 2536 x 652 x 2337  Clearlake Rd. Imlay City,       Goodland Twp. Lapeer County

SOLD Dec. 12. 2018    $132,000  50 Acres   100% Wooded     1307 x 1668                               Speaker Rd. Imlay City,               Lynn Township,       St Clair County  

SOLD  Nov. 28. 2018   $99,900    43 Acres    10% Wooded        505 x 221 x 759 x 2635            Sharp Rd. Clifford,                     Burlington Township. Lapeer County

SOLD Nov. 9.2018      $52,000    13 Acres    90% Wooded        337 x 1378 x 539 x 1378           Mayer Rd. Goodells .               Wales Township, St Clair County.

SOLD Sep. 17. 2018  $65,000    19 Acres      50% Wooded       643 x 1319 x 625 x 1317          Banner Rd. Deckerville,             Wheatland Township. Sanilac County.

SOLD Sep 9. 2018  $145,000     30 Acres    10% Wooded        991 x 1339 x 991 x 1339          Capac Rd. Capac,                         Mussey Township. St Clair County

SOLD Feb. 2018.   $81,000.     26 Acres.    90% Wooded.      200 x 1315 x 1335 x 652.           Connell Rd. Yale,                           Brockway Township. St. Clair County, MI 

SOLD Jan. 2018.   $220,000.   80 Acres.    33% Wooded.     1316 x 2627 x 1333 x 2634.        Keegan Rd.  Emmett                      Emmett Township.            St. Clair County, MI

SOLD. Dec 2017.   $80,000.      30 Acres.    50% Wooded.     1406 x 934 x 1055 x 1157.         Peters Rd. Columbiaville,               Marathon Township. Lapeer County, MI

SOLD Nov. 2017.   $225,000.   80 Acres.     70% Wooded.     1298 x 2637 x1301 x 2638.        Bryce Rd. Emmett.                          Emmett Township. St Clair County, MI

SOLD Nov. 2017.   $85,000.     41 Acres.      100% Wooded.   1320 x 1315 x 1326 x 1318.      Cumber Rd. Ubly,                            Greenleaf Township. Sanilac County, MI

SOLD Aug. 2017.   $260,000.  123 acres.     95% Wooded.    1329 x 4043.                               Verona Rd. Ubly,                                Paris Township. Huron County, MI

SOLD Jul. 2017.    $10,200.     2.5 Acres.     20% Wooded.     328 x 331 x 328 x 331.              Sullivan Rd. Capac,                           Mussey Township. St. Clair County. MI

SOLD Apr 2017.   $135,000.    53 Acres.     30% Wooded.     624 x 2615 Irregular                  Hutchinson Rd.                                    North Branch Township. Lapeer County. MI

SOLD Apr 2017.   $36,000.      10 Acres.     5% Wooded.      325 x 1268 x 310 x 1272              Welch Rd. Emmett,                            Emmett Township. St Clair County. MI

SOLD Mar 2017.  $48,000.      15 Acres.     50% Wooded.     519 x 1332.                                    N. Summers Rd. Imlay City,            Goodland Twp. Lapeer County. MI

SOLD Feb 2017.  $115,000     4.8 Acres.     80% Wooded.     312 x 668                                       31 Mile/Campground Rd.               Washington Township. Macomb County. MI

SOLD Jan 2017.   $300,000      108 Acres.    40% Wooded.     2304 x 1320 irregular                 S. Phillips Rd. Kingston.                Koylton Township. Tusocla County. MI

SOLD Oct 2016.  $128,000.     42 Acres.     60% Wooded.     457x2640x946x2683 irreg             Breen Rd. Emmett .                      Emmett Township. St Clair County.  MI

SOLD Jul 2016.   $35,000.     10 Acres.      30% Wooded.     330 x 1324                                       Speaker Rd. Yale.                            Lynn Township. St. Clair County. MI

SOLD Jun 2016.  $69,000.      20 Acres.      30% Wooded.     492 x 1726                                      Lakeshore Rd.(M-25) Palms.         Forester Township.  Sanilac County. MI

SOLD Jun 2016 .  $50,000.     40 Acres.      70% Wooded.    1320 x 1320                                     M-32/M-33. Atlanta.                         Avery Township. Montmorency County, MI

SOLD May 2016.   $55,000.     16 Acres.    5% Wooded.       641 x 1181 irregular                        Vandyke. Cass City.                          Evergreen Township. Sanilac County. MI